Realtors and “The Big Fish”

04 Jul

Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback and interest in the last edition of “Take Note” and the Purple Cow theory!

It is gratifying to know that the information people learn from this newsletter is providing value, and that many are implementing this concept with their own clients and customers, which is: “Appreciation wins over self-promotion every time.”

While normally there is only a “teeny weeny” bit of self-promotion in my newsletters, the last edition — which profiled SendOutCards as a relationship building tool — had a read rate almost 25% higher than any other issue throughout the past 18 months. And those issues had high read rates of their own.

That seems to prove that there is real interest by people in implementing this concept into their own businesses.

And, since there were so many questions asking how various professions and businesses successfully use the unique tool SendOutCards provides, today’s edition will be focused on Realtors.

Okay … so why would a Realtor use SendOutCards, when Brokers provide tools of their own to their agents? And what’s up with the Big Fish piece?

Okay … so what does a “Big Fish” have to do with Realtors? Promise it will tie in before you’re done reading!

First, here is a short YouTube video of a successful Broker in Ohio — in real estate for many years — that will set the stage.  Don’t personally know this man, but agree with what he has to say:

And, for added info — since so many have also questioned how the heck these card are created — here’s a short YouTube trip through the 50,000 square foot SendOutCards facility in Salt Lake City, the mammoth (as long as a room!) Xerox iGen printers used, and why we are the #1 mailer of first class mail in the country.

The Postal Service even considers SendOutCards a Post Office, because of the shear number of stamps kept on site.  A little known, but cool fact to throw in here, I thought.

Watch how 4 Million cards and gifts were sent out — in December of 2010 alone — projected to at least triple this holiday season. Yes, that’s a capital “M” for millions. Not a misprint.

Keep in mind:  All different cards. All sent to different people.  Or one card sent to a bunch of people. Being printed at multiple cards per second. And YOU never touch a thing. Pretty cool, eh?

And, of course, even though this is one of my shorter issues content wise, it wouldn’t be complete without a great card story with pictures, would it?

So here’s the BIG (8½” x 11″) card that was sent by a good friend and fellow team member, Mike Broski, to a client who Mike wanted to continue to build a relationship with. A client who likes to fish.

Mike is a sales professional, although not in Real Estate. But this cool card still works to prove a point.

This client of Mike’s had gone fishing, and apparently had caught a great big fish. Sorry, am not a fisherman (or “fisher person” I guess would be more politically correct), so I have no idea what this big fish is. I would guess a marlin. But it is definitely BIG!

Through networking channels, Mike was able to find pictures of his client, and this honker of a fish.

So, a BIG CARD was created, to go along with the BIG FISH. The front of the card is just one of the 15,000 standard cards on the site. There are too many cool cards to mention. 150 categories of them.

A calendar graphic was pulled inside the card in seconds, along with all the fishy pictures, and even the client’s favorite brand of whiskey.

So how cool is this!?

Notice that there is NO mention of doing more business together, or promoting Mike’s company, why they are better, specials they were having, etc., etc. or any other sales-y message ANYWHERE in this card.

Reaching out without an agenda. This was simply a card of congratulations on a great accomplishment. Nothing more. The card was sent to his client, along with a box of brownies.

Mike reports a subtle shift in how this client now interacts with him, since that card and gift was received.

Think Mike’s client will ever forget how he felt when he opened up that card, and saw those pictures?  And that dose of chocolate didn’t hurt either.

So, if you’re a Realtor and looking for referrals … think of that buyer who just bought a house from you. You send them a card like this with pictures of THEIR family everywhere (not yours or your Broker’s) which you took the day of their final walk through.  People like to see pictures of themselves and their families.

Thus the tie in of Realtors and the BIG FISH. Sneaky eh?

But effective in proving a point: What will your buyers think when they open a card like that?  Where will that card go and for how long?  How about on the refrigerator for months to come?

People don’t throw these cards away. It has pictures of their family. And also has YOUR name, for everyone to see, and for the homeowner to say “Look what my Realtor did!”

Who will your buyers show this card to?  Everyone: Family, friends, new neighbors and co-workers.  You have now gone into their circle of influence effortlessly, from your home or office, in a very unique, fun way.

Take a few pictures of your next buyer in their new home. Email me, or give me a call at 315-374-0779, and we’ll do a great BIG card together … my treat.

Worthwhile to do?  You decide. Call me. Then we’ll talk FSBOs.

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