Permission to Delete!

19 Jun

People are inundated with information these days. (Ever count the commercials going by as you DVR pass them?!  It’s scary.)  Let’s not even talk about the amount of email that comes through that we never read.  More and more each day.

What’s this mean for businesses out there in the jungle today? That there is a massive shift to referral marketing according to Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine.

So what would make someone do business with you?  Return your phone call? Answer your email? What do YOU do to stand out from the rest?  What’s YOUR “Purple Cow”?


Okay … My short and skinny definition of Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” theory: If you’re driving, and seeing lots of cows grazing by the side of the road, for miles and miles, eventually do you even notice them any more? Ho hum. Same old same old. BUT if you drove by a Purple Cow? What would you do??  Would it get your attention? Absolutely.

According to Seth Godin, could your “Purple Cow” be something as simple as sending personal greeting cards in the mail, and gifts? Yep.

Want more proof you need to set yourself apart? Dr. Ivan Misner, PhD., Founder of BNI International, in his best selling book on networking, “The “29% Solution”, refers to the sending of cards and notes of great importance, and why: It makes you memorable.

People like doing business with those they know, like, trust … and remember.

Look on page 113 of Dr. Misner’s book. There is a company referenced by name, that helps people do just that: set themselves apart through the sending of personal cards and notes.   And Yep … it’s SendOutCards.  Dr. Misner recommends SendOutCards in print, in his national best seller.

Ever thought about getting a SendOutCards account, but the price of entry was a challenge?

It is no more.

As of the end of May, 2011, SendOutCards has completely removed the barrier to entry for people who want to use this powerful site to help them in building relationships, and help gain future business to boot.

Our company listened to customers, reps in the field, and focus groups: Two years of information gathering. And implemented what they learned.

Now, for only $9.80 a month, you can have complete access to the site, including the amazing PicturePlus 2.0 program where you can make cards out of pictures. The $9.80 gives you 10 greeting cards a month:  so about a buck a card. Plus the stamp.  A real stamp. Placed for you on a real envelope. Sent in the US mail for you. Yet you never touch anything.  Send more cards if you need to, any time, for the same cost.

Want even more bells and whistles? How about cards in your own handwriting, with your own signature (even download your handwriting font and signature onto your PC too, for use in other programs like Word) and the wholesale cost of everything you are sending? Available too.

If you are thinking this sounds like a great idea … it is.  You can even get a license to re-market the site if you want to. Might as well get paid for what you are going to be doing once you start to use this: tell everyone you know about it.

It’s already what you do now for things you really like, isn’t it?

In as little as 15 seconds, you can send a thank you card, in the mail, to someone you just talked to on the phone, thanking them for their time. Take a picture of that client the next time you close a deal. Send them a card with their picture in it, with you both smiling. Who does that?

It’s fun. Think you’ll stand out?

Costs you $.50 more to add that picture or even multiple pictures, graphics and logos. That’s only $1.50 a card.  Upload your business card. Be creative. It’s easy.

Mail all your holiday cards to hundreds of people in seconds.  Pictures of your staff or family. Unbelievable picture and card quality. Hands down. No question. Ask anyone who has ever seen these cards.

Online contact management system: group people any way you want, to mail to them in seconds.

If you leave your company, or switch: your contacts easily go WITH you. Their yours, because it’s YOUR site.

Send personalized postcards to family and friends from your hotel room while on vacation, with that beautiful ocean view as a backdrop — your own family front and center.

Ask Linda at the Tech Garden: I sent her a card with a picture of her son and herself inside a card, after we met  2 weeks ago at an event they held. Took me 5 minutes to do.  She’s going to be sending her Mom a card every week, with a picture of something her family or kids did that week.

Ask Bridget or Linda at The Lodge at Welch Allyn in Skaneateles who use the site, among other things, for thanking business clients who use the meeting rooms at their unbelievably beautiful facility.

Ask Steve Roberts of Syracuse Business Services who uses the system more creatively than almost anyone I know (even me!!) to secure appointments, ensure phone call backs, and set his business apart. And, he recommends the SendOutCards site to his own clients as part of helping them to grow their own businesses, which is his specialty. “It’s a no brainer.” Steve’s words.

Ask Susan Acker of Keller Williams Realty in Fayetteville, who has an unbelievable eye for creating beautiful cards for her clients who buy new houses … and for all kinds of other reasons.  She says this site becomes addicting very quickly, and it SO does! Susan was a teacher for 30 years.

Remember birthdays of anyone you want, and send a card — on time.  The site reminds you two weeks ahead via email. Never EVER feel guilty again for forgetting a birthday or anniversary. Never again pay for a card that cost you $5  (or more), sits on your kitchen counter, and was never mailed. (Strike a cord there?)  Even have a gift sent along with your card … like a box of to-die-for brownies or an American Exress gift card. All done for you.

Do this for yourself, your business, your family, your friends. There’s absolutely no reason why not to now.

And of course, one of my favorite cards had to be included here!  Hello to my Canadian team member Catherine, and her beautiful spaniels, who I met at “Corvettes on the Beach” in Sylvan Beach last July! (We are doing the show together this year!)

Interested? Give me a call. (315) 374-0779.  You can be all set up, using this site, sending cards, in as little as 10 minutes. Make someone’s day, and your own, by putting this small daily habit into practice. Let me help you so it GETS DONE!

Send a card a day, for a month. Just because. Watch how you feel, and what others feed back to you.

Will give you a 100% guarantee: You will NEVER be sorry you did.

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