Capturing the Moments in Life

05 Jun

Today’s “Take Note” is about one of my favorite subjects … taking pictures. Now, while I am just am amateur at this picture taking thing — and the trusty Coolpix camera is never far away — I must admit I have been just plain lucky in some of the shots I’ve captured.

But there are other people though, who love to view life through the lens of a camera, watching for those precious moments that can slip away in the blink of an eye, unless captured on film.

One of those is my friend, Caity Bom, of Caitlyn Bom Photography,

Caity didn’t start out life wanting to be a photographer.  She had moved to Pittsburg in 2009 to attend college, and started taking pictures as something to do in her spare time. Her Dad had liked to shoot pictures too, so you could say it was in the genes.

But it wasn’t until Caity was up early one morning doing a random sunrise shoot, when she first felt the calming place she was brought to, by looking through the lens of her camera.

It was her “ah ha” moment, and she’s had a camera in hand ever since.

Caity instinctively knew the pictures she was taking were special. So, the natural next step was to place some of them on the internet, and see where that would lead. A young woman in a photography group Caity joined saw the pictures, and was getting married. She asked Caity to take pictures of the wedding at the last minute, since there was an issue with the photographer the bride-to-be had hired months before.

Stress level for Caity? Up.  Photograph a wedding? Caity had never done that before. There’s a timeline as to what happens throughout that special day.  The photographer has to be aware of everything, and is expected to capture it all. She wondered if she could do it. Rising to the challenge, outside her comfort zone (isn’t that where we all grow?) she accepted the first job, and captured her most favorite images yet.

Also in 2009, Caity’s website was #1 on Google for those searching “Syracuse wedding photos”. That one chance happening lead Caity to 20 more weddings throughout 2010.

That’s what I call “meant to be”.

Caity also does family portraits, but not in the posed, standard setting people think of. She prefers natural, outside settings where she captures people having fun together, the innocence of a child picking up a flower — even chasing the family dog if there is one!  Well, dogs ARE members of our families too, aren’t they!?   (We pet people understand this.)

Caity gets into the moment and becomes part of the scene she is seeing through her lens. When I first saw a book of her photography, it brought chills up my arms as I looked at what she captured.

She instinctively recognizes those moments — the looks on faces, the kids smiling at their parents, laughing at butterflies, playing in the grass, the sun shining just right: Snapshots of life.

Of course, I had to make a card to send to her, showcasing some of the great pictures she shared with me.

And here it is! A happy family on the front. Brides inside!

I’ve been creating cards with the SendOutCards site for a number of years now. Have never used professional pictures until now. Even I was impressed with the way this turned out!! And it only took minutes to do!

When it came in the mail yesterday, it was a “Wow” moment for me. My favorite is the bridesmaids on the bridge, and the looks on their faces.

Caity also does what is one of the newest forms of photography called “boudoir photography”. Am sure this is wonderful for many, but not a service I personally will be partaking of with a 40+ year old body that is suddenly very aware of the gravitational pull of the earth. Although, (sigh)  it wasn’t too long ago when someone thought my daughter and I were sisters.  I was quite pleased, but Melanie, a 20 something year old at the time … not so much.

Once Melanie has her first baby, which she tells me she needs to do soon, since she’s running behind the curve (says who?!), Caity will be the one I call. Caity also specializes in “pregnancy photos” I’ll call them (for lack of a better term!) — photos that are gaining in popularity these days with expecting moms.  She can, over the years, photograph the entire cycle of a family’s life: engagement, marriage, pregnancy, birth, birthdays, school, college, graduation, wedding, grandchildren.

It is a special privilege for me to profile such a wonderful and talented young woman. I sincerely believe that as time goes on, she will become one of the most sought after photographers in our area.

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