It’s all in the Sauce

08 May

A large part of my business is helping people understand the value of honestly appreciating — and taking the time to recognize — the accomplishments of others. This is even more relevant in the business world today, as companies work to gain new customers, and keep the ones they have. In the world of SendOutCards, we call this “Appreciation Marketing” or “Relationship Marketing”. And, it works!

Once expressing appreciation and recognition becomes a habit in your life, it feels great not only to the people you recognize both professionally and personally, but to you too!

Decide for yourself if this phrase rings true in your own mind: “Appreciation wins over self-promotion every time.”

One of the ways I express appreciation and recognition is through the sending of lots and lots of cards (of course!), and also through this e-newsletter, which is a vehicle for sharing not only the events that happen in my own life, but in the lives of others as well.

Carrying around a camera in my purse everywhere I go, also helps.  I’ve become a photo taking junkie.

Am always on the lookout for occasions to take pictures, and celebrate the lives and accomplishments of others with cards and the written word.  It’s become a part of who I am. And it’s fun!

Today is the story of one of my favorite people. Everyone who knows her smiles when her name is mentioned. Her laugh is infectious and she has a smile that lights up a room wherever she is.

Her business is marketing a line of salad dressings and sauces made locally. (I can picture her now, eyes wide open, saying “OMG she’s writing about me!!!). So, yes, my friend, Ramona Waldecker, this one’s for you!

Aside from working a full time job, Ramona has worked tirelessly to build her business around her job and family. You’ll hear ads on the radio these days (105.9, The BIG Talker — my favorite station!), telling people what location they can visit for a tasting of Ramona’s new Kickin’ Chicken Riggi Sauce, which is a personal favorite at our house, and is AWESOME!  Dinner:

Quick, Easy. Tasty. Done.

Ramona seems to be showing up everywhere these days in her white Chef’s hat and matching outfit, smiling, laughing, and handing out samples of her Kickin’ Chicken Riggi Sauce with pasta and chicken — or wraps made with her tasty salad dressings — all made locally.  When she was just starting to grow her business, I was in Wegmans one Sunday morning, walking down the salad dressing isle, when Lo and Behold, there was Ramona’s Salad Dressings right on the Wegmans shelf!  It’s the product line she first started with.

How cool was that!?  I was so happy for her that I had an idea.

Of course, my trusty Coolpix camera was close at hand. No one was in Wegmans that early in the morning. So I explained to Tina, one of the front end managers, what I wanted to do, and she agreed to help me.

So here’s Tina, on the front of a card (what else!?) — holding a bottle of Ramona’s Dressings, pointing to the shelf containing the dressings.

The card took no time to design online: I uploaded the picture; added a thought bubble and text on the front; typed a message inside; then ordered it to be sent to Ramona in the mail, (remember, NOT an e-card!) as congratulations on this milestone in her business.

The front of the card says “LOOK!! Ramona’s Dressings in Wegmans!!” And the congratulations message appeared inside. Ramona, as of next month, is going to be promoting her Kickin’ Chicken Riggi Sauce and salad dressings as a full time venture. (She also uses SendOutCards in her business with her own customers, prospects and family. How cool is that!?)

I wish you the very best my friend.

And in the future, when Ramona is rich and famous, traveling everywhere, promoting what I am certain will be her ever-expanding line of sauces, dressings and other yummy products, I’ll be able to say: “I knew her when!”

Have a great picture you would like to send someone inside a card? Send one on me!

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