No Time Better Than Now

29 Mar
It’s a breath of fresh air to hear a story that makes us smile these days, isn’t it? Even for the briefest of moments.
“Laughter through tears, my favorite emotion,” as Dolly Parton says in Steel Magnolias.
This is a short story, with a powerful message, and some cool pictures as usual at the end. While I have personally never met the people in the story you are about read, I believe they will cross my path some day. We are a part of the same company. And at some future event, they’ll probably end up sitting next to me in one of those “meant to be” kind of experiences that happens to all of us in life when we least expect it.
Today’s “Take Note” is one of those “meant to be” kind of stories. It’s about a young woman named Jordan, who was recently married, and her parents — Luann and Jan — who had divorced 33 years before.
Jordan told the story at her wedding reception.
The story begins when Jordan became involved with our company, SendOutCards. She shared access to this very cool internet site with her Mom, who began to send cards to friends and family. Luann had experienced some difficult times through the years since the divorce, and Jordan thought doing this could help her in some small way. One of the cards Luann sent was to her ex-husband, Jan, a private pilot.

Luann sat in front of a computer on the internet, typed thoughts that she may otherwise not have had the courage to say, pressed a key on a keyboard, and a real card was then sent out for her.

Just one card.

When Jan received the card in the mail, he called Luann and invited her to take a flight with him to San Diego. He then took her out on a sailboat. And while they were sailing, he kissed her.

The feelings that brought them together 33 years ago, were still there. And, within a few months, Luann and Jan were re-married, on what would have been their 33rd wedding anniversary.

Such a simple thing as a heartfelt card, and the courage to send it, changed these two lives.

A simple story with a powerful message: You just never know.

And, as promised, cool card pictures below!  They are not pictures of a card sent to Jordan, since I only know her through hearing her story.

What’s here is a card I sent to my daughter Melanie, who celebrated her 30th birthday on March 23rd — 3,000 miles away from me in California.

It’s a cool card, that has multiple pictures inside of her grandparents who have all passed away, her kitties, friends, aunts and uncles, mom and dad, and boyfriend, as well as pictures of the two of us together.

You can send a simple card that could change a life, like Luann did, or you can create and send really fun ones — with lots and lots of pictures — celebrating a milestone.


If you thought of someone while you were reading this — someone you haven’t seen in a while — someone you would like to re-connect with, send them a card, on me. There’s no better time than now!

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