Earthtones Coffee House and the REALLY BIG Card

28 Mar

It’s fun to write about new local businesses, and the stories that are behind them. And of course, readers now expect my unique humor to be infused into the stories I write about them.

Oh, the pressure, the pressure.

Luckily, Earthtones Coffee House in Cicero offers not only a cool story on how it came into existence in our town, but also Earthtones’ owner, Pat Newton, is the kind of guy who always makes our weekly networking meetings — CNY Connects II — interesting and humorous. So I can also have some fun with here with one itsy bitsy tall guy/short guy joke a little later on.

But I digress …

Pat has always wanted to own a coffee house, and put his own unique touches in it. So when the original Earthtones location in Rochester, New York — where Pat was the manager — closed in 2010, Pat purchased the rights to the brand name, and everything that was in the original location, and to Cicero, New York he came.

Pat knew what he wanted to do, and worked closely with the Lakeshore Plaza property management team headed by Joe Scripa of Keller Williams Realty, to make his dream a reality. With a lot of hard work, and a little luck, Earthtones opened in early 2011.

One of the many great things about Earthtones is that it’s a warm, friendly place, decorated with style. There are all kinds of great coffees available, as well as specialty sandwiches like Paninis — which are my favorite — and awesome hot chocolate, different than any I have tasted. And of course, all kinds of pastries and goodies to make my clothes fit that much tighter.

Earthtones is a family affair too. Pat’s mom, Rita, works behind the counter, and also handles all the bookkeeping stuff, which Pat gratefully allows her to do, since he would rather be schmoozing with the customers and building rapport as he does so well.

There’s also a meeting room in the back of the facility, which Pat rents out for business meetings, parties, local singing acts, and all kinds of events. This was part of Pat’s vision: providing the local community with a meeting room where you can hold a meeting — and also get a great cup of coffee.

For my part in helping Pat gain exposure for the coffee house, I took pictures of Pat and Rita behind the counter and sent them a really cool card to hang on their wall, congratulating them on their new venture. I actually found a card on the SendOutCards site with the word “coffee” spelled out in coffee beans.

Okay. That was cool. And here’s the card Pat received in the mail:

Coffee 1

Coffee 2
There are two REALLY cool things about this card.

What are they you ask? Okay. Twist my arm and I’ll tell you.

One is the inset picture on the left side of the top panel. Guess who that really TALL guy is at the counter opposite Pat? Yes, it’s Mike, the “Scary Cat” guy!! (Now you’ll HAVE to read that story!)

The short dude behind the Earthtones counter is Pat. We have a great deal of fun teasing Pat to stand up during our networking meetings — when we give our 1 minute “elevator speech” to tell everyone what we each do — since Pat is the same size whether he sits on one of the bar chairs, or stands. We love you Pat!

And the second cool thing is the picture on the bottom panel, where the calendar is. That’s a picture of our networking group. Since January and February had already gone by, I figured I would pop a picture of all our faces there for Pat to remember from now to eternity.

Okay … there’s a third REALLY cool thing I must mention.

This is not just a regular size greeting card. No sir-eee. Even though it looks the same size as all the other cards you have seen pictured in this e-newsletter, this card is


BIG as in an 8 ½x 11 piece of paper big. Yep, Really. You can now do HUGE cards like these, right from the SendOutCards site. This card took 10 minutes to do. Found the coffee card from the over 15,000 standard cards on the site. Pulled in the pictures off my computer and placed them into the card; the other graphics (including calendars) are found right on the SendOutCards site. See the little coffee cup graphic I added in the lower right hand side of the card?? And one of the best parts: this customized, cool calendar card cost only about $6 to create and have mailed out for me, including postage.

Whatever your imagination can come up with, you can do with this site. And it keeps getting better and better, making it easy and quick to create powerful impressions.

So, stop by Earthtones. Have a cup of specialty coffee, a sandwich and a pastry for the road — and look for that BIG card on the wall.

And of course, as always, if you want to try this cool site out, send a free card on me!

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