Scary Cat

14 Mar

There’s a new networking group in town called CNY Connects, started by Sue Wallace, formerly of the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce. Our thanks to Sue for forming the organization, and to her “trusty sidekick” (my term!)  Amy Kaschel of AK Consulting, who is helping keep all of us in line —  growing the chapters to 9 within a few short months.

We meet, share referrals, laugh, and generally give each other a hard time whenever possible throughout the otherwise productive business meetings at Earthtones Coffee House in Cicero.  Our chapter, CNY Connects II, is a bit crazy, (in a really good way!) with Steve Roberts of Syracuse Business Services at the helm as President.

In order to get to know each other on days we didn’t have a referral to pass, we were encouraged to give our thoughts to the group on any subject we wanted to share. Today I will be sharing a story told by Mike Chapman of Closer Look Home Inspections at one of our first meetings. Mike was encouraged by another member to tell what Mike fondly refers to as his “scary cat” story.

There were a few chuckles in the room from those who already knew what was coming.

Seems that one summer day in the not too distant past, Mike was hired to do an inspection for a client. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when Mike walked up to the front door. The client wasn’t home, but Mike had been given permission to enter the property. Tacked to the door was a note that said, “Do Not Let Cat Out.”

Okay, simple enough instruction. No big deal.

Being summertime, Mike — we were learning — apparently likes to dress in shorts when it’s warm, as we all sometimes do.

Now, it must be mentioned here that Mike is a tall, manly guy, and not someone you would think could be scared very easily.

So into the house Mike went. As he entered the living room and began his inspection, he spied the cat. Sitting there. On the floor. Just looking at him.

This next section is open to interpretation, but it would be safe to say this particular cat did not like strangers in its house, even those given permission to enter.

But Mike, not being particularly concerned about the cat 6 feet down on the floor, didn’t give it a second thought … until the cat lunged at him, and attached itself to securely to one of his bare legs.

To say he was somewhat startled would be the understatement of the year. Reacting to the immediate pain at the needle-like claws around his calf, Mike fell backwards, along with the cat, directly onto the owner’s glass coffee table.

The cat must have also been appropriately startled from the unexpected commotion, since it released Mike’s leg, and took off out of the room.

Luckily Mike was not injured — although the coffee table was history — but now he was faced with the dilemma of not knowing where the cat was, and having to go through the house to finish the inspection. All those rooms. All those places the cat could be. Lurking.

But, we learned, as an inspector, he apparently carries with him a long, prod-type tool that helps in poking walls to determine if there is moisture damage.

Suffice it to say that Mike carried that prod with him closely throughout the rest of the inspection as we all laughed at the vision of this tall man being scared of a little ole’ cat.

Now, unlike Mike, I like cats. In fact, the Valentine’s Day card I created for my daughter Melanie pictured her kitties, and their Rottweiler on the front (yes they all get along!). The inside, large picture of my kitty, Pebbles, does personify the look we get from our feline friends, which is obviously something Mike will be aware of from now on:

“Don’t even think of messing with me or my crib.”



And yes, that is a heating pad Pebbles is laying on. Well, she might be cold.

The other picture is of all my “babies” napping together on the bed. It’s what they do best.

Now while this card has absolutely nothing to do with Mike the inspector — other than the cat theme — our group now takes every opportunity possible to inject cat references, cat stories, cat pictures, and even a cat “meowing” (as the business card box we have at our meeting is opened by anyone near Mike.) Anything to give Mike a hard time about his now paralyzing fear of our furry feline companions.

And, you can bet the next time I send Mike a card … there will be a crazy cat of some sort pictured inside!

Want to send a fun card to someone? Send one on me! Even if you don’t have a picture of a scary cat to include, you’re sure to find a card that will make someone smile from the 15,000 to choose from on the SendOutCards site!

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