The Rest of the Story…

10 Jan

You’ll remember last issue: That cool card we created for Mike’s Dad’s 90th birthday. Here’s the rest of the story…

Our family was excited to see the expression on Bob’s face when he opened up his special birthday card on Christmas Eve. We had it sent to us so we could watch him open it. And, he was as touched as we hoped he would be.

The things that matter in life. The things you do while you still have time to do them, because life can change for any of us in an instant.

After the celebration, Mike wanted to do a little something more: He had taken a bunch of pictures of Bob that night, with the card placed in front of the cake — a cool concoction in and of itself: it had a digital picture of the family in the frosting! Technology! Amazing! Thank you Wegmans!

Mike wanted to take some of those pictures, and make a special card to send to SendOutCards’ Founder and CEO Kody Bateman to thank him for making what we were able to do, possible.

So of course, that’s what we did — and here it is. The front is one of the standard 15,000 cards on the site. The rest we created ourselves, and never touched a piece of paper, printer or stamp.

From Kody Bateman’s vision of SendOutCards — created out of the adversity in his own life and his strong desire to help people become senders of cards — to this thank you from Mike, who used what Kody created to enrich all our lives. A full circle moment.

Doesn’t take a lot of time to do this kind of stuff … and the memories you create, last a lifetime.

Takes a lot to impress Mike — but he thinks this company is awesome. And, I of course, agree! There were 700,000 cards and gifts sent out by SendOutCards on December 15, 2010 alone.

Happy New Year everyone!

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