Remembered Amidst the Holiday Bustle

30 Dec

Today’s edition of “Take Note” is dedicated to Bob, who is turning 90 on Christmas Eve. Bob is my SigOther Mike’s Dad.

Has to be kind of hard to have a birthday at Christmas time. Kind of gets lost in the shuffle and bustle of holiday time. Also kind of hard to think of what to get someone who is 90. They’ve accumulated all kinds of things in their life, and probably don’t really need a new tie.

This year though, Mike knew what he wanted to do for his Dad, well before his birthday: He wanted to do a special card to send him. And… he had a plan!

Mike went to his Mom (well ahead of our deadline, I am proud to say!), and asked her to find a special picture of Bob during his military days. Helen searched and found one, without Bob knowing, and gave it to Mike.

When Mike brought it home, it was one of those REALLY old (over 60 years to be exact) black and white pictures that was curled, cracked and torn on the edges. How the heck were we going to get this into a card? But Mike had the idea of taking a picture of the picture, with our new fancy digital camera and see what happens.

Okay, that could work.

So that night, he took a bunch of pictures of this picture, under different lights, and at different angles.

We then uploaded the pictures into the SendOutCards site, and away he went, putting his design prowess to work. He did really well, too! Yours truly fine-tuned the borders on the pictures, font colors, backgrounds, and all that other cool stuff you can do with SendOutCards.

We couldn’t believe how clearly the picture came up into the system! A picture of a picture! Who would have guessed?! It was just awesome.

Things were falling into place like they do when you know you are doing something special – something you know inside will mean a lot to someone else.

For the front of the card, Mike zoomed in and framed just the profile of his father. We took it from the main picture, which is of Bob standing with his military buddies during the Korean War. The clarity we were able to create of Bob’s profile – even at the zoomed in level – was incredible.

The inside of the card was the entire picture of Bob and his group of buddies, spanned across the 3 panels of the card. The crack in the left hand corner of the picture gave what we were doing that much more authenticity, originality and class.

The inside flap which you see when the card is opened, was Mike’s simple message:

“Dad, SURPRISE!¬† I hope you enjoy this card as you celebrate your 90th birthday. I asked Mom to find you a picture that would be memorable to you, and I think she found it. I knew that this would mean a great deal to you and wanted to create something special to celebrate that time in your life.”

And above the text, Mike added a picture he found on the internet – which I then placed a frame around – of a plane that Bob had actually built and flown years back.

The card says “Hey Fly Boy!!!” on the front.

And, when we were all done with the card, we knew we had created something special that would bring a smile to Bob’s face when he received it, and for years to come.

We, of course, had to send ourselves a copy of the card, and it came out as awesome as we expected it would.

This is the power of the SendOutCards system: Being able to do what we did, without ever leaving home, and positively impacting not only the receiver of these wonderful cards, but those who send them as well.

As of this writing, Bob hasn’t received the card yet. We scheduled it to get there through the good ole’ US Mail by this Thursday.

It’s the little things in life that matter, that keep us going when life may not always be so nice. Something as simple as a card, created out of love.

As always, you’re welcome to send a card, my treat.

Enjoy the season!

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