SendOutCards does 9WSYR’s Bridge Street Once Again!

23 Nov

Just in time for holiday card sending, SendOutCards was profiled again on WSYR Channel 9!

We met Chris Bradalino and Kaylie Nixon, who did our interview. This time, the interview was a piece of cake. A little different than the last time when my heart didn’t stop pounding for 2 days.

Am quickly becoming a comfortable on-camera persona… not really – but doesn’t that sound impressive?

We all laughed, had fun, and this time – knowing what to expect – we were able to show the viewers a complete overview of what the SendOutCards system can do. Right on the air, I sent out a birthday card to a friend, and in a matter of seconds, sent eight Thanksgiving greeting cards to members of the WSYR staff.

Of course, if we’d wanted to, we could have sent a gift along with the cards, like a box of brownies, or Barnes and Noble gift card, so we showed the viewers how they could do that too!

It was awesome!

Of course, I took pictures, and created a special card for Chris and Kaylie…

Took me seconds to do once I returned to my home office, and I didn’t even need a printer!

Most people like the idea of sending cards, but they don’t do it for 3 reasons:

  1. They forget
  2. It’s too expensive
  3. It’s inconvenient (or have the intention – like holiday cards — but run out of time!)

Right now, what with everyone struggling to get everything accomplished each day, how about giving someone the gift of a SendOutCards account? It’s a gift that continues to give for years to come! When you give a SendOutCards account as your gift to someone important in your life, you will be giving them the gift of time – something everyone needs and appreciates!

The next time they need to send a birthday card, a sympathy card, or just a card to brighten someone’s day, they can do it the minute they think about it, without having to run to the store or post office ever again.

Know someone who is getting married, graduating, retiring or having a baby? With a SendOutCards account, you give them the ability for them to create cool cards, like the one pictured above, for invitations, announcements or thank you’s – created BY them, and sent out FOR them. And once the event has passed, they will have the use of the system for years to come.

An account can be set up in minutes, right over the phone. I’ll send you a gift certificate and instructions that can be wrapped and put under the tree.

Haven’t done your own holiday cards yet!? We can do that too!

Interested? Give me a call and we’ll talk!

As always, you’re welcome to send a card, my treat.

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