The Gift

25 Oct

It was my birthday a few weeks ago. Have been 29 for quite some time now.

Mike told me not to make any plans on the Sunday before, so I cleared my schedule. He cooked me a pancake breakfast early in the morning, and off in the car we went, sunroof open, sun shining in.

That Sunday turned out to be a beautiful, fall day. Sky was clear and blue, dotted with white puffy clouds. Leaves turning. A clean, crispness in the air that is one of the great things about being in Upstate New York this time of year.

It was one of those days that you just meander through, enjoying whatever it brings. No schedule to keep. No place to be. His loose plan was to drive to Keuka Lake, one of the most beautiful of the Finger Lakes. He knew I would like that.

The views were nothing short of spectacular…the houses sprinkled along the shores, the blue sky against the colors of the fall leaves. Keuka Lake has rolling hills that were full of color that day. The lake winds and turns, and you can see for miles from the top of the hills.

We stopped many times along the way, snapping pictures with the new, fancy digital camera he was teaching me to use. Love the delete button on cameras these days, since many of my attempts were less than save-worthy.

Two guys on Harleys rode by as we were off the side of the road at one point. One yelled “IT DOESN’T GET ANY … BETTER THAN THIS!!” He added an expletive in there to further illustrate his appreciation of the great view, but I decided it best to leave that out.

We stopped at a winery that Mike had visited many years ago…Taylor. Although it had gone through many changes these past years, the tour was rich with history, and beautiful old wood architecture throughout. And, of course there was the wine tasting afterwards.

After a few tastings, some laughing couples next to us from New Jersey offered us crackers to munch on, which were very welcome, since it was 3pm and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast. These folks were on their 5th stop, while we were on our 1st, and only, stop for the day. Party animals, we are not.

We did, however, buy 4 out of the 5 wines we tasted, our favorite being “Chocolate Lab” which while not only tasting great, has an adorable brown lab puppy on the front! Who thinks of these things!?

As the sun started to go down, we stopped at a favorite little Italian restaurant in Auburn, and had a great meal. Leftovers in hand, we drove home, where we were anxious to upload all our great pictures onto the computer.

They were awesome, and it was fun to see what we amateurs actually captured! Unknown to me, Mike did have a plan with those pictures – to make me a special birthday card to capture the day. And that’s exactly what he did.

A few days later, the card he created came in the mail. A gift from the heart. One that didn’t cost a lot of money, or take a lot of time. The best gifts of all.

Remember someone today. Upload that special picture from your computer and send them that picture inside a card. And, when they get it in the mail, it will make their day, and yours too!

If Mike can do it, anyone can!! As always, send a free card on me!

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