A Campaign with Pizzazz!

12 Oct

A Campaign with Pizzazz??

Say the word “campaign” and many people cringe (I do!) and think: Unending TV ads! Signs on every street corner!!

Not so today. There IS another use for the word, and it will actually make you SMILE!

Per numerous requests, this edition of “Take Note” will give a little overview … and some pizzazz with digital pictures … surrounding what is known as the campaign feature in SendOutCards. This awesome feature can help you send out cool, high quality, paper holiday greeting cards with pictures like this inside …
Or this…

… in a flash, with a regular digital camera, and without a politician in sight. Promise. Cross my heart.

Printed on recycled paper, too.

Curiousity peaked? How would you like to create all your holiday cards NOW, and schedule them to be mailed at the Post Office for you, on whatever day you choose, to EVERYONE on your list: family, friends and clients too, without you ever touching a piece of paper, stamp or envelope?

Yep, really. You can do that! Avoid “holiday mental mayhem” – and that twinge of guilt afterwards – when many realize that their good intentions to get those holiday cards out in the mail didn’t materialize yet again. Or worse yet, cards were purchased, ended up in a kitchen drawer or at the office in a pile of other round-to-it stuff, and were never  mailed. Then the mental promise is made to do better next year.

Hmmmm … was that the same promise as last year? Would it be of value to complete your holiday card sending this year, in October!?  It’s easy, fun, and works like this:

You purchase access to the SendOutCards site and all this cool technology – reasonably priced – one time. Kind of like buying software, but it’s all in the clouds (I like that term)! There are options available to fit every situation, with standard card costs as low as $.62! Once a person has access to the site and what is known as the PicturePlus 2.0 feature, those cool cards pictured above range from only $1.24 to $2.00 … with unlimited pictures, text, graphics … the whole shebang.

First, create your card in the campaign section of the program, where it stays permanently, kind of like a template. Design the front (add pictures there too if you want!), create the inside, and write your message on the flap (not displayed above). Work on the card at your leisure until it’s just right. You have 5 card panels to work with. Add whatever you want — even create a holiday newsletter with pictures.

Next, while having your morning coffee, add all your addresses into the SendOutCards database until everyone is there. Or upload them from Excel all at one time. You can put people into groups like family, friends, Type A clients – whatever you need. You can even design three separate cards, one for each group. The possibilities are unlimited.

Even have gifts sent along with your cards like an American Express or Barnes and Noble gift card, or even some brownies!

Once the card is done, and your people are in, simply choose the group of people to receive the card, click “Send”, and “POOF” … gone … done … mailed for you!

OH NO! Forget someone!? No problem! Your card is still saved in the campaign section – to be sent over and over again as needed. Type the new person’s address, choose the card once again, click “send” and you’re golden.

And after the holidays have passed, you can continue to use the system for sending out birthday cards throughout the year … on time! The SendOutCards site automatically sends you an email 2 weeks ahead so you’ll never miss a birthday or anniversary again. Guilt at missing birthdays: Gone forever!!

So that’s the overall skinny. Give me a call, or email, and we’ll talk about how I can help you accomplish this, or put in another way like Nike says: “JUST DO IT!”

And, as always, send a free card on me!

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