SendOutCards (and me!) on Bridge Street

29 Sep

Well, it happened!

SendOutCards made it to 9WSYR’s television show Bridge Street – the local show that profiles stories of interest, businesses and products in Upstate New York.

How cool is that for gaining credibility?? Kody Bateman, Founder and CEO of SendOutCards is apparently pretty psyched at gaining more exposure for the company here in Upstate New York where most have never heard of SendOutCards – or the awesome stuff this online site does.

The show aired, live, on September 24th, through the efforts of one of my local SendOutCards team members – Margaret Deleo. Kind of cool to see the TV personalities like Carrie Lazarus, Jim Teskie, Tim Fox – host of the show that day – moving around the actual set we see on TV. All those cameras though … Hmmm …

My nervousness level, when we walked into the studio, was about 20%
.We had a script, approved by SendOutCards compliance, so we were good. A few days earlier we were asked by the station to do a demo and send a card out right during the interview. No problem.

As we stood there, we were told by the IT guy there is no really good internet signal in this particular room, because of wall structure on the set. That’s a challenge.

Stress level then rose to about 60% as I rebooted my laptop a few times to access my own internet connection, luckily stronger than the one in the station. But still … Internet … computers … reliability … sometimes challenging. Live TV. Lots of people watching.

Apparently, from the outside, I still looked calm, so that was good.

There were some card samples we brought to display, including panoramic 3 panel cards with digital pictures inside that are MORE than cool. My laptop was then connected to a large monitor for the audience to view.

Then came the question: “Which one of you is going to do the interview?”

What??! Margaret and I thought we would be doing this together: you know … safety in numbers. Well, it could only be one of us apparently because of spacing issues on the set. So it looked like it was going to be me. No rehearsal.

Stress level: 100%.

As the mic was being place on my shirt, I then heard Carrie, who was  on the air, say: “Coming up is a lady who has been sending me these GREAT cards in the mail, and we’re all going to learn all about it!!”

Taking my spot behind the table, in front of the cameras, Tim then whispers something to the effect that … “I don’t have the questions you gave, but it’ll be okay.” I looked at him with that deer in the headlights look.

Stress level now out of sight.

I then hear someone say something like: “And we’re live.”

Tim then asked me: “Chris, tell us about SendOutCards.” So, I was on, and reverted to the comfortable facts I knew so well, on pure auto-pilot at this point. Time has no real measure at moments like this. Those cameras and thousands of people behind them was all I was thinking about.

Then I found myself sending a card with the system – kind of an out of body experience type of thing. Internet was working. That was good. Pulled up a thank you card from one of the 15,000 cards on the site, to send to the producer, Jim Beebe for helping us make this all happen.

Inserted and spanned a digital picture across the inside of the card. That was also cool. It was a picture of my sister Nancy, her husband Rich, my SigOther Mike and I on vacation at Myrtle Beach the week before. They don’t know yet that they were on TV. Think I’ll let them read about it here and take advantage of the element of surprise.

Too soon, though, (I little white lie), my time in the spotlight was over. A few seconds before the end of the broadcast, I clicked “send” and the card I created was on its way, without a piece of paper, printer or envelope in site!

Didn’t have time to talk about holiday card sending in a flash with SendOutCards, or any of the other stuff Margaret and I planned – because I simply went pretty much blank other than the autopilot stuff already embedded in the ole’ brain.

Want to see the video? Just click on this image:

Or, go to In the top left corner, use the drop down arrow to choose the “Search Video” option. Type in “Send Out Cards” and you’re golden. It’s apparently there for eternity.

And, for those that want to see Margaret talk about holiday card sending, tune in on Monday November 8 at 10:00 when we are coming back! How awesome is that? Margaret will show how anyone can send real paper holiday greeting cards out, complete with pictures, to an entire group of people, like family or friends – in a fraction of the time it normally takes, and with MUCH less hassle and hand-wringing. Even schedule your cards to automatically go out the exact date you want them mailed – and schedule them NOW before the craziness of the holiday season is upon us. You could even add gifts to go along WITH your cards, and not ever have to go out in the snow.

And for me, I’ll be operating the laptop that day for Margaret, while SHE talks and looks into those darned cameras.

Per numerous requests, the next edition of “Take Note” will explain the multiple mailing feature Margaret will be talking about, and how it can be used to take the majority of the pain out of your holiday card sending.

And, as always, send a free card on me!

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