Law of Attraction in Action

22 Jun

The Law of Attraction: we’ve all heard of it. Some of us believe it. Others – maybe not so much!

How about a real life example for you non-believers!?

All started 20 years ago when I was in a car accident – rear ended by a mass murderer. Yep, you read that right. Didn’t know that at the time, but found out years later from a reporter doing a story on the guy who had hit me. The reporter found my name on the police report from the accident, and called me as part of a story he was doing. The guy who hit me was actually very pleasant the day of the accident. He apparently had been out of jail for years and was a now functioning member of society. Who knew?

Got your attention, though, didn’t I?

Well, that accident started a history of neck issues for me, and lots of learning through the years about how to stay out of pain. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes not. But through it all, I learned a lot about a subject that I would never have known before, had life not intervened as it did.

What does that have to do with the Law of Attraction? Plenty.

Through the years, alternative ways of staying out of pain – such as through chiropractic care – have been life-changing. My own chiropractor now, “Dr. Joe”, is awesome. HAVE to give him a little plug here – I just love Dr. Joe – he’s an Italian teddy bear!

Opinions on chiropractors are wide and varied. But, for me, it would turn out to be an example of the Law of Attraction at work in my life.

Months ago, the doctors diagnosed my daughter Melanie, who is living in California, as having had a stroke. At 28, this was devastating news (email me if you’d like the full story from a previous newsletter). Melanie went through all the regular medical testing for everything the doctors could think of. They came up with no 100% definite answers, and she was out of work for 2 months. They put her on some well known medications. Whether she needed them or not is another subject, for another day!

On her 2nd day back to work – after sitting 12-14 hours each day – she experienced another “episode” at home where she lost control of her hand, suffered numbness in her face, and down her arm. Alarmed, she went back to her neurologist, who told her to “Buck up. Go back to work. You’re on the drug. You’re fine.”

She was beside herself, and in pain. I was beside myself, 3000 miles away. Do I travel out there again? What do we do now? But I always knew in my heart there was something more to it than what the medical doctors were telling her.

Enter the Law of Attraction in action.

At my regular chiropractor visit the next day, and in tears, I told Dr. Joe what happened. I wondered if a neck issue could have caused the symptoms she was experiencing. She unfortunately had some car accidents in her past as well. His response: “Absolutely”.

Asked him who he might know in California, so Melanie could at least be evaluated. Well, he only knew one guy in California, and thought he was up north somewhere.

At least it was a place to start. Maybe get a referral or something. California is not exactly a small state. And just as there are good doctors and not-so-good doctors, it’s the same with chiropractors, or vets or dentists.

I wanted my daughter in good hands.

So I made the call to California, to Dr. DeMoss, Dr. Joe’s friend. The one contact he knows in California.

The outcome of that call? Dr. DeMoss is 20 minutes from where Melanie works.

In the entire state of California, the one associate Dr. Joe knew was 20 minutes away.

For me … I could breathe again, and felt in my heart it was going to be okay. Dr. DeMoss saw Melanie that very afternoon.

Turns out she has a very serious issue with the curvature of her neck, and he started helping her immediately. He didn’t tell her to “Buck up and go back to work.” We just won’t go there!

Law of Attraction at work? No doubt in my mind.

Today? She has no lasting effects from her first, or last “episode”. She’s back to work. No paralysis in her face. No numbness in her arms. She no longer feels like she is going to faint when she looks down in the sink to do the dishes. She is ergonomically correct now at work, sleeps on a special pillow (Tempurpedic – Mom’s gift!), and has special support for her back in the car. The ice pack she now has for her neck has become her friend!

The knowledge I gained through 20 years of personal pain and frustration went full circle to benefit someone I love.

And Dr. DeMoss … well I hear from Dr. Joe, that he is a surfing nut – big time.

So guess what? I am going to do a very special thank you card with a cool surfing theme to send to Dr. DeMoss in the mail, as my thanks for what he has done for us.  Going to add real cool surfing pictures, some thought bubbles and graphics, and maybe even a picture of Melanie inside when she was a baby or something else fun. I’ll get an “OH MOM YOU DIDN’T!?!”, but hey, Moms can get away with these things.

Do people take the time these days to express thanks like this? Not normally. But … I know about a cool, keep-in-touch tool, that lets me do personalized paper greeting cards the minute I think about it, completely online – yet sent through the mail with a stamp – without a piece of paper, printer, envelope or stamp in site.

Is there someone you thought of when you read this, who popped into your mind? That’s what we call a “prompting.” Send a greeting card to them today … on me, and make their day!

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